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Eli Grean Visual Identity

2017, Visual identity, client: HvA, Eli Grean.

An identity and visual language created for dutch hiphop/rnb artist Eli Grean. Based on a colorful photography I created a series visuals and styles to be used for different touchpoints.

Had to get my hands dirty.. ↘

Dirty Hands by painting

The concept is focussed around the importance of “flow” in Eli’s music and style. Combined with the sound of his music, this resulted in the vague idea of dripping paint or liquid over different fruits. To research this I experimented with a pineapple, some random objects, paint and laundry detergent.

Exploring photography ↘

Eli Grean Concept Photos

After experimenting with the first round I decided it was time for more fruits and more paint.

Visual language photography ↘

Eli Grean Concept Photos

The visual of tropical fruits dripping in paint added a layer of appeal to Eli’s flow concept. The very bright and colorful images delivered a strong selection of images ready to be used in the visual language. This concept resulted in the following touchpoints.

LP Cover ↘

Eli Grean LP Cover Front Eli Grean LP Cover Back Eli Grean LP Cover Front

Concert poster ↘

Eli Grean Concert Poster 1 Eli Grean Concert Poster 2 Eli Grean Concert Posters Street

Instagram ↘

Eli Grean Instgram Post

VIP Card ↘

Eli Grean VIP Card

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